We are in the business because we want to save classics from the breakers yards and preserving them for the next generation to enjoy. Always remember that classic cars are many years old and therefor we can’t have any guarantee or take any responsibility for breakage after purchase on any of the classic cars we own, but we can assure you all our cars will drive out of the showroom and that we have done the car a lot of good.

When buying purchasing a classic car:

  1. No request for roadworthy will be possible, unless we offer it on the ad or allow it on request.
  2. To secure a vehicle for yourself, a 15% non-refundable holding deposit will be required.
  3. The balance of the vehicle should be payed 2 weeks after the deposit is payed or the deal gets cancelled and another buyer is considered for purchasing of the vehicle, unless the buyer and us have an agreement.
  4. Basicly it is a first come first serve basis in which we do business(no options).
  5. Delivery of vehicles and all roadworthy costs are on buyers account.
  6. Being situated in George and dealing with 30 – 40 and sometimes 50 year old vehicles, we prefer vehicles being transported  via carrier which we will organize on behalf of the client.
  7. Should a customer insist, we take no responsability for a vehichle being driven back to its new owner’s destination.
  8. All our cars are CLASSIC cars and some may have some minor problems mechanically or cosmetically, plz make aware of this when you view and test the vehicle.
  9. If a client wants to store a purchased vehicle in our showroom and collect the vehicle at a later stage, the costs will be R150 per day for a max of 2 months then the vehicle must be collected.
  10. If a clients pays a deposit for a vehicle we take it that the client accepts our terms.