Who We Are And What We Stand For.

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Who We Are And What We Stand For.

We are a South African based company, officially established on the 21st of April 2011  who’s sole purpose on this planet is to save classics from landing on scrapyards and keeping them out of the hands of wreck-less Classic owners. 2 Cousins Classics is a business in George in the Western Cape, South Africa that has classic cars for sale, which started as a hobby. We have a passion for these beauties.

Our mission is to source/identify the Classics and if necessary restoring them to their original glory even if it means spending 2 days a week on the scrap yard to find parts that might be missing, then finally passing them on to a owner who will take very good care of them.

2 Cousins Classics strive to provide classic cars to the middle class and above who really wants a classic but can’t afford it, thus we have a wide variety of classic cars for sale. We try to cater for any taste, age and group and also preserving the classics for our future generations.

One thing is for sure, when a client buys a car from us, they will most certainly get a very clean and neat vehicle and they will also get the most value for the price tag on the vehicle. This we can say with lots of confidence and pride.


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