Pricing of our Classic Cars

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Pricing of our Classic Cars

We have had so much support from many clients and we made lots of friends in the classic car circles. Our most classic cars sold to one client was 13 thus far. We’ve also had many more clients buying multiple classic cars from us. This is a dream come true for us and we are just so glad these beauties are saved and passed on to a caring owner. We would like to keep delivering high quality and sometimes very scarce classics at below market prices.

We want our customers to keep the following in mind when purchasing a classic car from us…

We started this business to save and restore(if needed) classic cars to pass them on to the next caring owner.
A lot of time, effort and sacrifices are made to save these classic cars, so that you as the client don’t have anything or very little to do on them, but to maintain and enjoy them. We really hope that you will keep the cars in good, if not better shape after purchase.

Getting a classic car from a bad state to an exceptional vehicle, costs a lot of money and time, as previously mentioned. So I feel the need to inform you that there are many reasons for the pricing of every single vehicle we sell.
Some of the reasons are; time, the cost of the vehicle when we purchase it, the scarcity of the vehicle and most important the cost of repairs to get the vehicle into an original condition of high standards with lots of detail which we are well known for. More reasons for our pricing is because of respray of vehicles, parts that need to be imported, engines that need reconditioning and parts cars that need to be bought to complete another vehicle.

So we at the team of 2 Cousins Classics come to conclude by asking one question to our loyal customer/supporters and that is please to try not break us down on our pricing of our vehicles as there are many reasons for the pricing of every specific classic, but know that we will keep it as low as possible. We want to continue to deliver fantastic vehicles to our followers so a lot of support is needed.

Whatever happens we will keep fighting to save the “Golden Oldies” for as long as we have fighting in us…


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